Our Strategic Model

We work across the financial system to connect and scale communities of changemakers:

  • CREATE: Entrepreneurs creating alternative business models
  • ADVOCATE: Civil society leaders advocating financial reform
  • EVOLVE: “Intrapreneurs” in mainstream finance repurposing their professions

In more detail: read our Strategy for Systems Change or download our summary Theory of Change.


We bring all of these communities and activities together in our strategic model:

At Level 1, the purpose is to Amplify.

Here we illuminate the groundswells of innovation in finance, the policy changes that are needed and communicate stories of change from the movement through targeted communications and thought leadership. We also connect our wider Lab community of thousands of people through drinks, events and social media.

At Level 2, the purpose is to Demonstrate.

Here people experiment with what positive alternatives can look like and we do this, by hosting a series of incubators within our three markets: Create, Advocate and Evolve.

At Level 3, the purpose is to Influence.

Here we leverage impact through targeted work with policy makers and regulators, investors and seek to influence structural change by advocating for policy and regulatory other key influencers.

At Level 4, the purpose is to Build.

The Lab Core Team are responsible for developing building the Lab strategy, nurturing the culture and coordinating activity to reach scale the work.