TF2016: Tickets

Crowdfunding now! Get your ticket to Transforming Finance 2016: Follow The Money.

Whether it’s unaffordable housing, small businesses being starved of credit, or the lack of investment in a low carbon economy, finance lies at the root of many of our most pressing problems.

It’s time to build a better system.

This event, organised by the Transforming Finance Network, will bring together campaigners, academics, businesses, policymakers and regulators and the media to find a common path forward. Speakers will include Lord Adair TurnerMariana Mazzucato, with many more to be announced.

What? A one-day conference on finance, housing, jobs and climate

When? 11th May 2016

Where? 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Transforming Finance is a movement built on independent thinking and collective action. We want to keep this conference democratic, free of corporate sponsorship and open to as many different groups as possible – so we need your help.

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