Why do we need The Finance Innovation Lab?

The financial crisis has shown us that the current market arrangements, rather than markets per se, have failed us.

There is a strong public sense that the business world and the financial community in particular have abandoned values and ethical behaviour. As a consequence public trust is lost . This serves nobody and damages prosperity.

Globally we are using about 25% more natural resources than the planet can replace. To change so we must be prepared to be bold, transformational and forward thinking and work with diverse stakeholders to address systemic issues.

But don’t take it from us! Hear from members of our Lab community on why they think the Lab is needed;

Tony Greenham, new economics foundation

“It would be really dangerous if we got back to business as usual. We need to think long term about new ways of working that can help us achieve the goal of a financial system that tackles environmental degradation and poverty. That is I think what The Finance Innovation Lab is doing.”

Alice Chapple, Forum for The Future

‘The reason why The Finance Innovation Lab is so important? There are many problems the existing system is not able to address in its current guise.’

Lawrence Bloom, WEF

‘The bottom line is it’s the system that’s defective. The Finance Lab are exploring through a number of different ways what a system that serves people and planet better than our current one,  would look like.’