The next stage in our journey

The Finance Innovation Lab is now an independent organisation, with a brilliant new home at Impact Hub Kings Cross.

Back in 2009, four people embarked on a journey. They wanted to build a financial system that was more democratic, responsible and fair. A financial system that serves people and planet.

They did not start with a route map. They had a bold ambition and big gap in experience of  how to achieve it. No one had ever attempted to change the whole financial system in this way before.  But they believed that change was possible: if people created the financial system, then people could also transform it.

Today, The Lab is a globally recognised incubator for systems change initiatives, bringing together a multitude of changemakers to increase their collective power and impact. After seven years of development within our founding partners WWF-UK and ICAEW, The Lab has now become an independent organisation, so that we can scale our work for greater impact.

In this new phase, we’ll be taking our work deeper into the financial system and further afield into new places and communities.  We’ll harness the experience and know-how that we’ve gained along the way to accelerate the pace of change.  As a first step, we’ve shared our lessons and insights from the last six years in A Strategy for Systems Change – you can download your copy here.

You can also check out our Insights section, where you’ll find more information and resources about financial systems change.

We’ll be celebrating the story of The Lab so far at our official launch event: Pathfinders. This is a celebration of systems change in finance – and all who have contributed to building a better financial system. You can find out more and request a place here.

Want to be part of our journey?

We’ve got exciting plans for building our community of system changers over the next year. If you share our vision for a financial system that serves people and planet, we want you to join us – whether you’re a customer, employee, entrepreneur, campaigner, funder or just curious! Sign up below for updates, event invites and opportunities to get more involved in our work.

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