Transforming Finance

This is a pivotal moment for the future of the UK finance sector. Following Brexit, the rules governing financial policy and regulation are undergoing a fundamental review. With decisions now being made in the UK, this is a unique opportunity to effect change.

The Transforming Finance Network brings together leading civil society advocates dedicated to changing the finance system into one that is democratic, sustainable, just and resilient. We meet regularly to share intelligence about the political and regulatory agenda relevant to finance, identify opportunities for influence, and increase our impact through joint reflection. We also collaborate on policy campaigns. We work together to bring about a powerful voice for social and environmental justice in financial reform.

To find out more about the Transforming Finance Network and how to get involved, contact our Head of Policy and Advocacy, Marloes Nicholls: We also run a parallel programme called Transforming Data, focussed on policy and regulation related to ‘fintech’ and the use of data-driven technologies in finance.

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Transforming Finance Network History

The Network is co-convened by the Lab and Positive Money. Since the Network’s inception in 2013, we have run major conferences, held workshops with senior policymakers, and collaborated with thought leaders in finance sector reform. We published a Charter for a New Finance System and a set of policy recommendations for the 2015 General Election.

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