The fellowship of the ning

Last week, we invited our Fellows to share their latest updates over a nice cosy dinner, and giving us the opportunity to update them on the Lab’s latest developments. The atmosphere was relaxed, with a big family gathering feel to it.

What is the fellowship?
Our Fellows, are influential people in finance, leadership and systems change, and act as Ambassadors for The Finance Innovation Lab, spreading the word about what we are finding.

By being part of the Fellowship, participants gain access to a network of like-minded people who can support their development and share their ambitions. The Lab benefits from the Fellows by having a group of experts and leaders in their field committed to supporting it.

What were the evening’s highlights?
Jen and Charlotte gave an update of the Lab strategy; you can read about that on the What page.

We then heard from our Lab Fellows who are all catalysing change in finance. Find out what they’ve been up to below.

Positive Money positively gaining traction
Ben Dyson’s Positive Money, a not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation which researches and promotes a stable, sustainable and fair alternative to the current business model of banking, is gaining solid positioning in its trailblazing agenda for monetary reform. Following in Positive Money’s footsteps, others are able to take steps to normalise the need, the case and the story for reform. This includes Ben being interviewed on Radio 4s Four Thought.

Bonding for Hope
Bertrand Beghin, founder of Numbers4Good, which aims to create sustainable structured solutions for the funding of social and environmental businesses, is now in collaboration with Dominic – a well-connected and dynamic man on a mission.  Together, Bertrand and Dominic have been successful in landing £150,000 of resources from Big Society Capital to pilot Bond for Hope – whose goal is to get youth into employment.

All aboard All Street
Emma Vartolomei, founder of All Street, The Wall Street without Walls, announced the web-based platform went live. All Street is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring thought leadership and clarity to the fast developing and increasingly complex alternative finance space. Its purpose is to provide access to information about the changes, developments and options in this new space.

Understanding where money comes from
Tony Greenham, Head of Finance and Business at nef, is working on several nodes of activity to shift the system including the Good Banking Forum, and a second edition of “Where Does Money Come From” out in November. The book examines the workings of the UK monetary system and concludes that the most useful description is that new money is created by commercial banks when they extend or create credit, either through making loans or buying existing assets.

Global Finance & Hacking the Future of Money
As we post this, Brett Scott is in the midst of putting final touches to his guide on subverting global finance through financial activism. It will be published in May 2013 with Pluto Press. Brett bridges the gap between high finance and those involved in socio-environmental justice and international development. He’s written for the Guardian, the Ecologist, The New Internationalist, Naked Capitalism & OpenDemocracy and blogs at

What next for the fellowship?
More dinners and fellows’ meet ups will follow, and we’ll keep you updated with their inspirational stories.

On a final note, we’d like to thank Bertrand for hosting and for the warm hospitality!