SOCAP Europe: The Lab launches Anti-hero social enterprise game

We are thrilled to have been asked to host  a workshop at SOCAP Europe next week at Malmo, Sweden.

Rachel from the Lab team will be testing out a series of ‘Anti-Hero Cards’ at a  workshop designed to get a clearer picture of our individual contributions to the social enterprise/impact investing market in Europe.

What’s the plan?

This will be a super interactive workshop. We will be asking questions like – What role do you play in building the movement at the intersection of meaning & money? How would your colleagues describe the value you really bring to a team? Are you a Credible Maverick or a New-Paradigm connector? An Inspired Intern or an Illuminator?

We are looking to build a series of archetypes that capture the unsung heroes of the marketplace as well as the high profile leaders;  our interns, our mentors, the people who document and illuminate the good work of the sector, along with those who incubate, fund and create new legal frameworks that allow the market to build momentum.

Inspired by Rachel’s blog on ‘Personalities that make a movement’ the Lab has joined forces with Kevin Doyle Jones (SOCAP), Simon Tucker (The Young Foundation) and Jason Mollring (UnLtd* Future) to build a rough set of archetypes which have been transformed into playing cards by Martin Martinoff from the Lab team.  

Together we hope to create  a picture of the super-heroes that make up our social enterprise and impact investing market-place.