Rebuilding Public Trust in Business Institutions

We invite you to take part in our growing innovation initiative around rebuilding public trust in business institutions.

The erosion of trust in business, which we have felt acutely in the financial services sector, offers an opportunity to host an open and dynamic enquiry into how to restore confidence. We are convinced that a new approach is crucial and we are hosting an innovative event around how to restore public trust in business institutions, with a particular focus on innovating audit so that it best serves society.

The initiative is not about auditing processes and standards: it’s about the wider context into which these fit. It is therefore vital that it draws upon diverse perspectives, including those who use and prepare audited information as well as auditors themselves. The Finance Innovation Lab and ICAEW’s Audit and Assurance Faculty are working together to inspire a profound change in the role of audit within our modern society.

We are holding a major event on 7 December which will bring together over 100 people. We will build our collective intelligence about the issues, define a 10-15 year vision, and identify pathways to take us there. It will be a creative day using innovative yet proven participatory techniques from the Finance Innovation Lab to build dialogue, understanding and trust among attendees (see the 3-minute video for a taster).

To be successful, we must have a wide range of participants. This is where you can help: if you are passionate about the changes needed to restore public trust, here is your opportunity to shape the direction of the discussion. We are looking for people at a range of stages in their career and varying areas of experience.

To find out more about our initiative you can visit our website (