Disruptive Finance Policy

In 2012 we built a research and advocacy programme that explored the most promising policy ideas to overcome some of the biggest barriers to a sustainable economy.

The intention was to find ways to shift policy and regulation to make the current banking sector more sustainable and to enable more sustainable, new entrants to come into the market.

Supported by Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation and led by Chris Hewett, first we mapped the most promising policy ideas that could disrupt the finance system. Do do this we began with 20 in-depth dialogue interviews with the key thinkers from the wide spectrum of mainstream finance, social entrepreneurs, academics, business and NGOs. The output was a map of the different disruptive policy ideas out there.

We held a workshop, in March 2012 and presented the map and to key policy advocates to explore  which policy ideas could be championed by The Finance Innovation Lab in collaboration with other organisations to deliver genuine banking reform. Speakers included Prof.Richard Werner (University of Southampton), Tony Dolphin (IPPR) and Baroness Kramer.

We then partnered with IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research) in September 2012 to host a seminar on banking reform through the lens of our Disruptive Finance Policy project, followed by a workshop in November 2012 on peer-to-peer lending, jointly hosted with NESTA and Keystone Law.

Click here to learn more about the process and outcomes of the March 2012 workshop.