Partners for a New Economy invest in the Lab’s work to transform finance

We’re delighted to announce that international donor collaborative Partners for a New Economy has made a landmark investment of £300,000 to enable the Lab to scale its impact over the next two years.

Partners for a New Economy aims to support innovative interventions that transform our economic system so that it values ecological integrity and human wellbeing. Its grantees include The Democracy Collaborative, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Bristol Pound, New Economics Foundation, Positive Money and the Presencing Institute.

The grant will enable the Lab to expand our flagship Fellowship programme, grow our community of innovators, influencers, entrepreneurs and experts, pilot a new intrapreneurship programme to seed radical change in mainstream finance, and test approaches to scaling our impact at a global level.

Leslie Harroun, Director of Partners for a New Economy, explains the collaborative’s decision to invest in the Lab’s work:

“The Finance Innovation Lab is the best example we’ve seen of an organisation working to redesign how the financial system works at the systemic level. Its work with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to incubate new thinking, models and leadership within the financial sector aligns squarely with Partners’ desire to catalyse a diverse ecosystem of banks with sustainability lending at its heart.”