Transforming Data

There’s a fast-paced data revolution taking place in the UK, and in financial services. New players and technologies are disrupting business as usual. With the growth of ‘fintechs’, the increasing role of Big Tech in finance, and new advances such as AI impacting our financial lives, policy and regulation is racing to match the speed of change. 

The Transforming Data Network brings together leading civil society advocates and academics who are dedicated to changing the finance system into one that is democratic, sustainable, just and resilient. We meet regularly to share intelligence about the political and regulatory agenda relevant to data-driven finance, identify opportunities for influence, and increase our impact through joint reflection. We also collaborate on policy campaigns. We work together to bring about a powerful voice for social and environmental justice in the face of rapid technological change in finance.

To find out more about the Transforming Data Network and how to get involved, contact David Fagleman, Advocacy Associate: We also run a parallel programme called Transforming Finance, looking at a broader range of financial reform issues.

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