Systemic Intrapreneurship

Supporting professionals driving positive change within mainstream finance

Systemic Intrapreneurship (n) = transforming a financial institution from within by aligning strategy, operations and culture with positive societal outcomes.

Building a new financial system needs to happen from the inside out, as well as the bottom up. Our work supports systemic intrapreneurs pioneering new approaches that put ecological integrity and social wellbeing at the heart of mainstream financial services. We are using our proven incubation expertise to build a community of professionals with the vision, skills and social capital to develop sustainable financial innovations and catalyse a cultural shift within their institutions.

For Individuals

Our Finance Matters network supports systemic intrapreneurs influencing purpose-driven change within banking and investment. We know this work can feel lonely, so we connect intrapreneurs and build their capacity to lead change through peer learning, network building, leadership development and training in purpose-driven financial innovation.

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For Institutions

We work in strategic partnership with established banks that are committed to embedding a socially useful purpose into their core strategy and operations. Aligned institutions are invited to learn from our network of purpose-driven financial innovators, regulators and civil society organisations. We support transformational change in banking through our expertise in systems change, purpose-driven financial innovation, adaptive leadership and human-centered facilitation.

To explore how we might support your financial institution to embed purpose at its core contact our Head of Intrapreneurship, Lydia Hascott, at


We are committed to sharing what we learn about how change happens within mainstream finance. We do this through publications, speaking and contributing to collaborative initiatives. Recent publications include:

Speaking requests can be made via email to

Advisory Group

We are grateful for the support of the following Advisors who are experts in intrapreneurship, finance, leadership development and corporate innovation.

  • James Vaccaro – Special Advisor, Triodos Bank
  • Maggie De Pree – Co-Founder & Global Catalyst, The League of Intrapreneurs
  • Mikael Down – Executive Director, Banking Standards Board
  • Nana Francois – Director of Membership, FaithInvest
  • Rob Lake – Founder, Authentic Investor
  • Madeleine Evans – Co-Founder, Finance Matters


“I’m often frustrated that I can’t articulate just how strongly I feel I must do more to make banking better from the inside – and then I discover that being wired this way is an actual thing! I’m not (just) a misfit, I’m part of a movement and didn’t realise it. ”
- Intrapreneur Community Member

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