Finance Matters

Finance Matters is a network for finance professionals working to align their institution’s strategy, operations and culture with positive outcomes for people and planet. We call this systemic intrapreneurship.

Our Aim: To connect systemic intrapreneurs with one another and build their capacity to lead change. We do this through peer learning, network building, leadership development and training in purpose-driven financial innovation.

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Finance Matters is hosted by the Finance Innovation Lab. We’re a charity working for a financial system that serves people and planet. The wider Lab community consists of entrepreneurs, grass roots innovators, civil society organisations, regulators and policy makers all working for positive transformation of the financial system.

Network Activities

This year’s theme for Finance Matters is Banking for People and Planet.

Over fifty systemic intrapreneurs are already supporting one another in the network and we aim to grow this to one hundred members in 2020 through the following activities:

  • Peer support: Quarterly peer learning events and smaller peer coaching circles (online and face-to-face options)
  • Network building: Events and bespoke matchmaking introductions with the Lab’s wider community of innovators, civil society organisations, regulators and policymakers
  • Leadership development: A weekend retreat to refresh your vision, values and personal purpose (Summer 2020)
  • Training & collaboration: Workshops on purpose-driven finance, plus innovation groups collaborating around the responsible use of data; women in financial innovation; people of colour in financial innovation; and financing a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

Join Finance Matters

By joining Finance Matters, you also join the Finance Innovation Lab’s wider community for changemakers building a financial system that serves people and planet.

Through your Lab Community membership, you’ll be able to grow your impact through tailored introductions and mutual mentoring. Community members also receive a monthly newsletter and tailored email updates on topics of your choice. Membership is currently free.

To join the Finance Matters network, sign up to the Lab Community and request to join Finance Matters.


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To find out more about Finance Matters email our Head of Intrapreneurship, Lydia Hascott on


“I’m often frustrated that I can’t articulate just how strongly I feel I must do more to make banking better from the inside – and then I discover that being wired this way is an actual thing! I’m not (just) a misfit, I’m part of a movement and didn’t realise it.”
- Finance Matters member

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