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Financial Health Fellows 2017

In 2017, the Lab partnered with anti-poverty charity Toynbee Hall to support the best innovations for improving financial health.  We selected 13 Fellows working on projects that could support financial wellbeing by offering access to fairly priced financial products that are easy to understand and control. Their ideas aim to positively disrupt the financial system and challenge the rules of the game in financial health.

Elifinty – Maysam Rizvi

Elifinty is a financial app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve financial wellbeing. Building on the secure access to people’s data that Open Banking enables, Elifinty uses the information to predict the financial challenges people will face. It then uses its advanced algorithm to identify an appropriate financial solution for them, which could be commercial or social/ charitable.

Maysam is CEO at Elifinty. He has two decades’ experience in banking, including at National Bank of Dubai and JP Morgan, and as Vice President at United Overseas Bank, where he saw first-hand the impact of the financial crisis on the citizens of Iceland.




Chip In – Audrey Giroud

Chip In is a money app that makes saving engaging through the use of gamification, including collective goals and competitions, leveraging behavioural economics for improved financial habits. Now live as a beta, Chip In is looking to partner with financial institutions and financial health organisations to reach more users.

Audrey has worked in both large corporations and an early stage finance startup, which she helped grow to a very successful company. She has now taken on the challenge of helping low income households and young people build up their savings.




Creating Life Chances – Akilah Corrie and Moestak Hussein

Creating Life Chances CIC, based in Bristol, works to tackle social and economic inequalities. Through creative financial education workshops in schools, new literature and games, Akilah and Moestak aim to boost children’s confidence with money and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in marginalised communities.

Akilah has a BA (Hons) in Community Development with a Youth Work Specialism. She has worked within a variety of community settings, including managing a day care centre for the elderly and coordinating numerous summer schools.

Moestak has a passion for social justice, activism and working towards a safe and sustainable environment, locally and globally. She extensive experience in grassroots community development and has worked as a researcher in collaboration with universities and diverse communities.


AkilahSq MoestakSq

StorkCard – Andres Korin

StorkCard is a low-interest, short-term credit card that helps parents manage the financial shock of having a new child. StorkCard gives families the flexibility to borrow what they need when they need it, but also offers them the certainty that their total borrowings will be capped at an amount they can afford.

Andres is a finance professional with nearly 14 years’ experience in investment banking, risk management and international development, including more than two years working as a microfinance specialist in the Dominican Republic.


Greater London Mutual – Fionn Travers-Smith

Greater London Mutual is a new community benefit bank for London businesses, individuals, and the financially underserved.

Fionn is a consultant, campaigner, and researcher working with the New Economics Foundation, Positive Money, and the RSA on local banking and financial reform in the UK. Previously Fionn managed the Move Your Money campaign, where he was a leading voice in the movement for a more democratic, sustainable, and just financial system.



Harmoney – Nick Lee

Harmoney is a not-for-profit organisation working to help people find a balanced and healthy approach to their money. Initially offering debt advice to people struggling with unmanageable debt, Harmoney will also develop a Money Management Account, making it easier to budget, manage bills and debts, and save.

Nick has extensive experience in money advice including leading two Citizens Advice Bureaux, has been director of three credit unions, and run a microfinance project. He has tutored in Professionalism, Ethics and Regulation at the Chartered Banker Institute, and has previously taught personal finance at the Open University.



My City My Pound – Kurtis Wright

My City My Pound is a payment initiation service provider and app that brings together the benefits of a local currency scheme with a digital platform. My City My Pound offers more affordable payment services to businesses and more engaging and responsible payment experiences for consumers.

Kurtis is a former banker with 14 years’ experience in the banking and the financial services sector. My City My Pound is his first venture, following 12 months researching financial health challenges for business owners and the general public in Sheffield.



St Luke’s Hub – Sam Bedford and Laura McCullagh

Sam and Laura work at St Luke’s, a community hub improving the financial resilience and wellbeing of local residents in Kennington, London. It is one of seven services run by West London Mission, a charity empowering people affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma.

Sam and Laura are developing a new model of affordable housing that tackles the housing crisis and provides sustainable funding for valued community services. They propose an aspirational community space providing genuinely affordable accommodation, a home to local enterprise and opportunities for learning and support. Everyone involved would play a valued role in helping to shape the space, improving their own situations and those of others.

Sam has been working in community development since 2010, in a mix of housing associations and charities, where his work has focussed on building partnerships that deliver services that meet the needs of local communities. He currently manages the residential accommodation and venue space at St Luke’s Hub.

Laura has over ten years’ experience working with people who are vulnerable or facing exclusion. She currently manages the WLM Money Champions project from St Luke’s Hub in Kennington and has recently completed an MSc in Social Psychology.



SamBSq LauraSq

BLOX – Alasdair Blackwell, Sam Grainge and Peter Sach

Blox – the social network for buildings – enables tenants to save and communities to flourish.

Using the collective bargaining power of groups, Blox enables substantial savings to the individual whilst enhancing their participation in strengthened local communities. Blox realises and captures the net worth of tenants, for tenants.

Blox envisages a future where communities know and value their neighbours, renters are valued equally to homeowners, and everyone can grow and profit together.

Ali cofounded Decoded and is former CTO of blockchain-startup Everledger. Ali sat on the London Fairness Commission and has worked extensively with Citizens UK, the UK’s largest network of community organisers.

Sam is Lead Architect for the UK’s biggest property startup, LocatED. Sam has professional and academic experience centred on the design and planning of affordable and mixed-tenure residential development.

Pete is an academic and thought-leader on the night-time economy. Pete is currently researching Urban Policy at University College London and has previously worked in social enterprise and community engagement in the UK and internationally.

AliSq SamGSq PeteSq

Lab Fellows 2016

Our 2016 cohort were selected for their potential to scale their businesses, change the narrative on finance or prove that alternative business models in finance are possible and profitable. Read what they thought about the programme here.

Joel Benjamin: Community Reinvest

Joel has ten years’ professional experience in infrastructure planning and environmental consultancy roles, and for the past four years has been immersed in research and campaigning for Move Your Money UK and Debt Resistance UK.

Community Reinvest works with the fossil free divestment movement, NGOs, community energy organisations and civic institutions, such as local authorities and universities, to facilitate divestment from fossil fuels and reinvestment into the local economy, in a manner that has clear social, economic and environmental benefits.

A key element of Community Reinvest’s work is to undertake compelling research that makes the case for change. A report released in February 2017 revealed that more than half of Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) in England and Wales have not taken appropriate action to protect members’ funds from the financial risks associated with climate change, leaving pension funds vulnerable to financial losses and legal challenges. The research will enable Client Earth to refer potential breaches of fiduciary duty in the LGPS to the pensions regulator.

Joel Benjamin

Neil Chandler: Cathartic

Neil built Cathartic.co using his 17 years of experience as an enterprise IT architect for FTSE100 companies, including JP Morgan and the Financial Times.

Cathartic.co is a platform designed to allow anyone to express their thoughts, feelings or entire story in complete anonymity and in a safe and secure environment, including those with mental health problems. A white label version offers a solution to individuals working within the financial sector who may be reluctant to speak out about wrongdoing within their organisation, for fear of suffering personally as a consequence.

Neil has now established a new, profit-making product called Endinel to enable Cathartic to remain free to use and to avoid monetising its users. The finance sector has shown a lot of interest in Endinel Chat, which enables employees to anonymously whistleblow, and Endinel has onboarded two financial organisations. Following the Lab Fellowship Demo Day, Neil started working on with the Chartered Banker Institute to provide one of the oldest banking institutes with additional support to their 30,000 members.

Neil Chandler

Steve Clarke: Bristol Prospects

Steve is a lawyer by training, a founding member and Director of the Bristol Pound, and a recent former director of Bristol BIG Green Week.

The Prospects Network is a ‘mutual credit circle’: a network of local companies that group together to offer each other credit. The scheme uses a digital ‘currency’ called Prospects, which ‘matures’ and can be traded for Sterling after a fixed period of time. In this way, a broad group of companies can utilise their collective economic capacity to issue credit and to increase their economic purchasing power.

Stephen Clarke

Kat Davis and David Floyd: Flip Finance

Kat is an architect by training and works with a wide range of social enterprises, charities and innovative organisations, using participative, design thinking approaches to research, strategy and organisational development.

David is Managing Director of Social Spider CIC, a social enterprise based in Walthamstow, and an independent expert on the UK social investment market.

Flip Finance is a collaborative project born out of the efforts of a small group of actors working across the social investment sector and wider social enterprise space in the UK. They want to enable collaborative investee-led approaches to social investment creation, and to transform more widely the way in which social investment products and services are designed and delivered.

Kat Davis

Johnny Denis: Low-cost housing, co-ownership and social finance

Johnny has founded a number of co-ops and social enterprises and now advises others on start-up, funding, project management, and evaluation. He also manages a rural fuel co-operative saving residents thousands of pounds and making warmth more affordable.

Johnny’s Fellowship project explored new ways of financing and controlling housing to address issues of availability and affordability of rented housing, initially in the Lewes District, East Sussex. It looked at community shares, in particular, as a means of investment to give tenants a real stake in their housing by making them co-owners of the co-operative business.

Today, Johnny is advising community organisations, local councillors and neighbourhood planning groups about how neighbourhood plans offer a way forward for genuinely affordable community-led housing development. With community investment, these can offer community buy-in to appropriate development and mobilise social capital for community benefit.


Sam Gill: Environmental tracking

After starting his career at Google, Sam led the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), a not-for-profit research body to become the first and only organisation in the world to rank the world’s largest listed companies by their greenhouse gas emissions and disclosure.

In 2014 he co-founded ET Index Research to commercialise the work of the EIO. Sam is author of Environmental Tracking 3.0 and serves on the Board of a human rights NGO. He also mentors several other young companies in the climate change sector. Sam holds a first class degree in French from the University of London Institute in Paris.

In 2016, ET Index Research raised over £1.1m in seed funding from investors and in 2017 will be expanding their offering beyond carbon emissions to other carbon- and climate-related metrics.


Leonie Kelly: Rhino Impact Investment

Leonie is Head of Impact Innovation and Investment at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and previously worked at Deloitte LLP, advising both private and public sector clients on impact investing, assurance and impact measurement.

ZSL are working to address the need for sharing of best practice models and innovative solutions – one example is the Rhino Impact Investment, an  outcomes-based financing mechanism that directs private and public sector funds to improving management effectiveness of rhino populations. This project is supported by the UNDP, the Global Environment Facility and six other leading conservation organisations working under the United for Wildlife initiative.

Leonie Kelly

Ashley Lewis: Ongeza Fund

Ashley has dedicated the past five years to investing in and scaling social ventures across Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia, and previously worked as an Investment Consultant and Accelerator Manager with LGT Venture Philanthropy.

Ongeza Fund is an investment management tool for social ventures and investors active in low liquidity markets. To address to issue that few investors have successfully exited impact focused deals, Ongeza streamlines the investment closing process, creates a real time capitalisation table and runs a controlled secondary market for .

Ashley Lewis

Julian Lewis: LendLocal

Julian has 25 years’ experience as a social entrepreneur, journalist and research manager; his consultancy assignments have included advising the African Development Bank on marketing and communications.

LendLocal is an online platform allowing individual social investors to refinance Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) and Credit Union (CU) loans. Using the Kiva model, LendLocal frees CDFI and CU lenders to originate further loans – a vital source of capital in disadvantaged communities – and challenge the spread of exploitative high-interest lending.

LendLocal is now hosting Kiva loans on CrowdPatch, using the Kiva API, to increase their visibility amongst UK donors and social .


Freda Owusu: Credscope

Freda worked for ten years as a Loan Fund Manager in London, has a PhD in Social Policy and is also a co-founder of iHealth-Direct, a telemedicine service for health inclusion.

Freda is developing an alternative, bottom-up credit reference agency called CredScope (formerly named Insight Report) with a vision to enable more people to become financially included through credit scoring. It is a credit scoring system using alternative data, which is centered on the consumer as a person, rather than on their transactions alone.

Credscope is launching a beta test over the first half of 2017. Its credit rating processes are built and ready to use, it has interim permission from the FCA, and it is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection. Looking ahead to a full launch, Credscope is seeking seed funding or patient capital to recruit and continues to look for partners, commercial and social.


Simon Petley: Ecosystem Collateral

Simon is a markets professional, with a diverse background spanning engineering, finance and sustainability consulting, an Associate Member of the UK Securities and Investment Institute, and a technical advisor to the Climate Bond Initiative.

Ecosystem Collateral aims to address the difficulties faced by small land-use enterprises in raising the finance necessary to more sustainable management practices. It addresses one of the key constraints – a lack of collateral – by utilising the economic value of ecosystem services as collateral for loans.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 22.09.35

Simon Rowell: Creating a social pensions industry

Simon works at Big Society Capital as Senior Director, Strategy & Market Development. He began his career as a corporate lawyer for Linklaters LLP and is currently deputy chair of the Disability Law Service.

Simon’s Fellowship project aimed to establish social pension funds as a new segment of the UK pensions industry, which all pension providers have an obligation to offer and pension savers feel a personal interest to invest in.

Simon continues to work to set up the first few pathfinder social pension products and encourage their broader take-up to become a core part of all pension portfolios. In February 2017, research commissioned by Simon explored how DC pensions can help people save for retirement and meet their values.

Simon Rowell

Olivia Seddon-Daines: Mapping the financial system

Olivia is a policy analyst, anthropologist and advocate specialising in the global governance of critical risks. She is currently Senior Research Analyst at ET Index.

This project will explore the links between finance and the real economy to map and present the financial system via an interactive tool. By tackling the opacity of the world of finance, the project will visualise how carbon risk in the financial system will affect real people, working real jobs.

Olivia Seddon-Daines

Ben Warren: Crowd Match Fund

Ben works in the investment team at Big Society Capital and was previously a Policy Adviser in the Social Investment and Finance Team at the Cabinet Office.

Crowd Match Fund aims to create a fund to match investments made by individuals on crowdfunding platforms to Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR)-eligible charities and social enterprises. This facility aims to encourage greater participation by the crowd in funding socially motivated projects, enable social sector organisations to raise more capital and encourage more mainstream platforms to engage with SITR.

Ben led the development of the £10m Crowd Match Fund that launched in December 2016. Working with CrowdfunderEthex and ThinCats (through Community Chest), the fund – the first of its kind – will help connect the public with the causes they really care about by listing social sector organisations who want to raise debt and equity finance. You can read more about the Crowd Match Fund here.

Ben Warren

Josef Wasinski: Unmortgage

Josef got into finance after working at Barclays/Techstars, where he saw the lack of financial service products designed to help people. He is driven to turn financial services into a force for good.

Josef initially joined the Fellowship with ample, a personal finance app that aimed to empower people to engage with their money through embracing the emotion that underlies money. After exiting this startup he co-founded Unmortgage, which helps people get on the housing ladder without going through the banks. Unmortgage is the missing step between renting and owning, while creating an investment for pension funds looking for long-dated, inflation-linked income.

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“There was so much wisdom in this programme and the way it was delivered. I want my own business to do that, to take as much care for the customer as the Fellowship team did for us… You see a lot of accelerator programmes in this space, but this had real oomph!”
- 2017 Fellow

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