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The Lab community is made up of changemakers who are working to transform finance for the better. It includes practitioners and experts from mainstream finance, purpose-driven banking, fintech, civil society, academia and more. Within the wider Lab community, there are several smaller communities of action arranged around particular topics or for specific people within the community.

Senior Fellows

Lab Senior Fellows are a group of pioneers who have made significant contributions to building a financial system that serves people and planet, and to the Lab. They are all trailblazers in purpose-led financial innovation, and include founders, thought leaders, authors, activists and more.

The Senior Fellows group is expanded on an annual basis. Find out more and meet the Senior Fellows here.


Lab Fellows are innovators who have completed our unique leadership programme Lab Fellowship. They represent some of the most exciting and transformative new businesses and innovations in finance, and have embedded social or environmental purpose at the heart of their work. They include fintech founders, alternative currency designers, grassroots organisers and more.

Meet the Lab Fellows here.

Climate Safe Learning Lab

The Climate Safe Learning Lab connects and supports banking professionals who are advancing the climate finance agenda within their institutions. It is convened by the Lab in partnership with the Climate Safe Lending Network, and offers peer-support networks, insights and a Fellowship programme.

Find out more and join the Learning Lab community here. Please note the Learning Lab is open to employees of banks/lending institutions only.

Intrapreneurship network

Our intrapreneurship network is for mainstream finance professionals working to align their institution’s strategy, operations and culture with positive outcomes for people and planet. Network members benefit from peer learning, facilitated introductions, training, leadership development and more.

Find out more about our approach to systemic intrapreneurship here. To join the intrapreneurship network or receive update emails, contact the Lab’s Head of Intrapreneurship, Lydia Hascott. Please note this community group is open to professionals employed by mainstream financial institutions only.

Open Finance Working Group

The Open Finance Working Group is a coalition of third sector organisations collaborating to create a vision for how open finance could serve the needs of individuals, communities and wider society. Co-convened with StepChange, the group includes ABCULFair by DesignFair4All Finance, Faith Reynolds (Senior Fellow), MacMillanProfessor Sharon Collard and The Open Data Institute.

Find out more about the Open Finance Working Group here, or contact the Lab’s Head of Programmes, Marloes Nicholls.

Transforming Data Network

Transforming Data Network is a coalition of responsible finance providers, civil society organisations and consumer groups who are building a better future for data-driven finance. It involves opportunities to build and share knowledge about rapid technological change in finance and its implications for people and planet.

Find out more here. To request to join the Transforming Data Network, contact the Lab’s Head of Programmes Marloes Nicholls. Please note this community group is open to third sector organisations only.

Transforming Finance Network

Transforming Finance Network brings together civil society organisations working to reorient finance-related policy, law and regulation around social and environmental purpose. Convened in partnership with Positive Money, it includes CLES, Finance Watch, New Economics Foundation, Share Action, Stamp Out Poverty, and more. The network meets quarterly to share intelligence and identify opportunities to collaborate on advocacy.

Find out more here. To request to join the Transforming Finance Network, contact the Lab’s Head of Programmes Marloes Nicholls. Please note this community group is open to civil society organisations campaigning on finance only.

Women in Financial Innovation

The Women in Financial Innovation network is a network for women working in financial innovation. Launched in May 2018 with an event exploring the particular experiences that women working on transforming finance face, we have now held four gatherings for this community, including on gender-based finance projects and supporting women to take climate action with their personal finances.

Keep an eye out on our event listings for the next Women in Financial Innovation event.

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