Leaders Shaping Market Systems

We found other systems changers!

The Lab is delighted to be part of a small, exciting group of ‘Leaders Shaping Market Systems’ who’s ambition is to make systems change mainstream and cool.

The group from the US and UK includes Rachel Payne, founder of Google.org, Cheryl Dahl from The Future of Fish and Paula Goldman from Omidiyar Network.

Joy Anderson (Criterion Institute), founder of the group hosted an event at her mothers Seminary in Berkeley in May 2012 and invited Rachel from The Finance Innovation Lab team to take part.

As  she says;

A while back, it became cool to be a social entrepreneur. Way to go. But what about those of us whose work is not a clever product, but rather that messy, complex systems change stuff. Where’s our slogan, where’s our cool identity?

Well exactly.

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Joy and many of the group will be at SOCAP in San Francisco next week launching a new campaign to raise awareness of the needs of systems change projects, to really tackle the societal and environmental challenges of our time.

Key findings

You can listen to a summary of the session below. Key insights from the session were;

  • we need investment in the ecosystem
  • embed values into the policy framework
  • we need early stage risk capital to innovate