Lab Community: Sign up now!

The Lab has launched an exciting new community programme, designed to support innovators and other changemakers to connect and collaborate to build a financial system that serves people and planet – and you’re invited to get involved!

Our community is the strength and power of the Lab. Since the Lab’s inception, we’ve worked with a wide range of innovators, intrapreneurs and influencers from finance, tech, civil society, policy making and more. Each community member has brought different experience, skills and perspectives, but also been united by their shared vision and commitment to working towards a financial system which is democratic, fair and responsible.

Launching this new programme marks the next step in the Lab’s community. Last year, we carried out thorough research with members of the Lab community including Fellowship alumni, Senior Fellows and newsletter subscribers. We asked them about who they’d like to see in the Lab community, what activities and types of support they’d find most useful, and how they’d like to contribute. The new community programme is a result of their input, and we thank everyone who took part in the process for their insights and feedback.

To build a community which is connected, collaborative and empowered to create change in the financial system, we’ll be running a range of different activities including:

  • Events
  • Matchmaking
  • Mentoring
  • Peer-support communities of practice
  • Dedicated support for underrepresented groups

We’ll be hosting regular events, including some led by Fellows and dedicated events for groups currently underrepresented in or marginalised by the financial system. We’re also introducing matchmaking and mentoring programmes – supporting community members to connect with and learn from each other. To support further collaboration and facilitate the finding and scaling of solutions, we’re forming ‘community clusters’: peer-support communities of practice on particular financial innovation topics.  Find out more about the Lab’s community activities here.

In addition to the new programme of community activities, we’ll be working more closely with our Fellowship alumni and Senior Fellows and doing outreach to grow both the size and diversity of our community. As well as reaching new organisations and individuals working on financial innovation, we are committed to creating a community which is inclusive to people from groups that are underrepresented in or marginalised by the financial system, and will be carrying out equality, diversity and inclusion monitoring to track our progress and take positive action where necessary. Finally, we’ll be highlighting community members and their work in Lab communications, sharing good news about the change that is happening across the financial system and celebrating the innovators that are making it happen.

The Lab community is open for applications now! For more information about the Lab community and how to sign up visit We very much hope you join us!

If you have questions about joining the Lab community please contact the Lab’s Community Manager, Naomi Alexander Naidoo by emailing