Transforming Finance Network: Creating Collective Impact

This piece of collective intelligence was created by the Transforming Finance Network who are advocating for change in the UK financial system.    Transforming Finance Network is co-convened by The Finance Innovation Lab, Positive Money, new economics foundation (nef) and ShareAction.

Although we are working as a collective, each organisation works on specific leverage points for change including the money system, banking and long term investment.

This map is a visual representation of the barriers and opportunities  for change within the wider system and shows the hierarchy of the systems through the lense of The Transition Model.  We hope it is a useful strategic piece that  shows the bigger landscape, the existing places of power and the new niches of innovation and disruption.

This map was first shared by The Transforming Finance Network at the Nexus Youth Summit’s European  Conference in May 2015.   Nexus is a global network of next generation philanthropists who are intending to enable large scale positive  change in the world.

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