Innovation Workshop

On May 23rd, David Braid (Central Saint Martins) and Ben Curtis (Positive Money) hosted a workshop to share their projects.

David Braid a Masters student from Central Saint Martins, shared his project on Mapping The System. After interviewing a number of professionals across disciplines, from finance to architecture, design to derivatives, David developed a series of nine ‘maps’ that can be used to communicate how the financial system works to the general public. Still in development, David shared three of these infographics and hosted a creative brainstorm to identify potential uses and applications for these maps.

Watch David’s workshop here:

Ben Curtis from Positive Money ( shared some of the current challenges they are facing with their campaign. Positive Money challenges the fact that 97% of the money in our economy is created as interest-bearing debt by commercial banks when they make loans. Ben He explored how they might better popularise this issue and others like it within the Lab; issues that are technical, complicated and have multiple audiences.

Watch Ben’s workshop here.