How to innovate for lasting systemic change

BeFunky_FIL_stategyAs part of a series on systemic innovation, published by Nesta, The Finance Innovation Lab was invited to tell the story of its evolution and learning.  The article charts a path from an early meeting on a hot sunny day in May 2009 when the Lab began a journey into the unknown, to its position today as the leading incubator for systems change in finance.

Nesta, an independent charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life; have been at the forefront of building UK innovation capacity.  This week they’re publishing a series of guest blogs from a range of system innovators and thought leaders, including our own Rachel Sinha and Richard Spencer.  Read about The Finance Innovation Lab’s experiences here.

Alongside the blogs Nesta are also publishing a discussion paper on System Innovation.  The paper is a vehicle for creating debate across a diverse audience and Nesta want input and comments from anyone working in system innovation.  You can download the paper and contact Nesta here