Green Finance Certificate launches – with a little help from the Lab

The Chartered Banker Institute has launched a new, industry-leading qualification in green finance – and the Finance Innovation Lab is proud to have authored the course materials.

The qualification, which launched at the Green Finance Summit and will be available globally, aims to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and provides a comprehensive overview of the role finance can play in building a sustainable future.

The textbook, written by the Lab team and our associates Gemma Bone, Laurie Macfarlane and Rob Nash, covers:

  • The scientific background to green finance, including climate change and the transition to a low carbon world
  • Key concepts in green finance, including stranded assets
  • Green finance principles, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Risk management in green finance
  • Green finance products and services (banking, insurance and investment)
  • The ethical dimensions of Green Finance.

We’re excited to have played a part in the development of the world’s first professional qualification in green finance, as part of our work to help finance professionals change the industry from the inside out. In 2018 we’ll also begin piloting our new programme of work with intrapreneurs inside finance – for more information or to pre-register your interest, please email