#FHFELLOWSHIP: Meet the Fellows 1

In 2017, the Lab is partnering with anti-poverty charity Toynbee Hall to support the best innovations for improving financial health.

We’ve selected 13 Fellows working on projects that have the potential to support financial health, including flexible financing for new parents, an app that uses social gamification to encourage saving, a new financial model for social housing and a community bank for London.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be telling you more about all our Fellows, starting with Audrey, Maysam and Andres…

Say hello to Audrey Giroud and her project Chip In


A lifetime ago I worked in wealth management in Switzerland, helping the rich get richer… My life was comfortable but far from fulfilling – I knew the world of finance wasn’t working for most people and wanted to change that. I left everything behind to move to London and become part of a thriving startup scene.

What is Chip In?

A mobile app that makes saving money engaging through the use of gamification mechanics. It is the only saving app in the market that lets users create personal goals, collective goals or competitions. Now live as a beta, we’re looking to partner with financial institutions and financial health organisations to improve it.

What do you want to change about the finance system?

Most banks have limited and ill-adapted offerings when it comes to savings, but saving can and should be made more engaging. I’m on a mission to help those who have insufficient savings get on or up the ‘savings ladder’.

Why did you apply to be a Financial Health Fellow?

Building a company that isn’t only about profit maximisation can be lonely… When I found out about the Financial Health Fellowship, I realised how helpful it would be to become part of a community whose focus aligns with Chip In’s.

If you could tell everyone in the world one thing, what would it be?

I know it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to improve your situation – your financial situation especially – but it only takes a small first step to get started.

Say hello to Maysam Rizvi and his project Aelm


Aelm technology opens and makes sense of the information that banks use in everyday decisioning so that customers can take more informed, practical steps in improving their financial reality.

How can this change the financial system?

The financial system is top heavy, working for the few despite the fact that it needs the many to survive. When people take greater and more informed control of their financial lives – and are able to take practical steps in doing so – then individuals’ circumstances can improve. Empowering customers will help the pendulum of power shift back towards the customer, forcing institutions to evolve, adapt and improve.

Why did you apply to be a Financial Health Fellow?

The mission of Aelm Ltd and the Finance Innovation Lab is aligned. We believe in strength in numbers and we know if we work together we can achieve great things. I’m hoping to find ideas, new contacts and support from the Lab community.

If you could tell everyone in the world one thing, what would it be?

There are enough resources in this world for everyone to be happy, we need to share and help our fellow human – we are to blame when someone dies hungry or without support.

Say hello to Andres Korin and his project FamilyRise


The idea for FamilyRise sprang into my mind one late night while I was feeding my newborn daughter. Having a child is wonderful, but it also presents a major financial shock for a young family, specifically how to deal with all the baby-related purchases, inadequate maternity pay and, later, expensive childcare. It seemed to me there must be a financial solution to this financial problem.

What is FamilyRise?

FamilyRise aims to provide flexible financing to new parents to help make maternity leave and childcare more affordable. Parents could benefit from having the flexibility to borrow what they need, when they need it and the comfort that the repayment plan will be reasonable and affordable.

Simply, I am trying my best to be the change I wish to see in the world.

What are your hopes for the Financial Health Fellowship?

Validation. I’m looking for feedback on the idea behind FamilyRise and it would be great to meet potential investors.

Tell us one thing no one would know about you.

I like to play the ukulele.

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