In Their Own Words

The Fellowship programme has a powerful impact on your leadership capability, self-belief, business skills and sense of community.
Don’t take our word for it – here are some comments from last year’s participants:

Lab Fellowship spurs ideas, passion and excitement, and enables you to imagine a future world different to the current one.

Probably the difference between giving up and persevering.

The Fellows are all doing different things but have all got similar values and missions. The community sustains you… It was so important to my journey as an entrepreneur.

Being part of a community has really been invaluable for me over the past six months. It has been a safe environment to share challenges, create common solutions where other Fellows may have faced similar hurdles. It has allowed a new side of me to grow around entrepreneurship.


I have a wonderful relationship with my mentor. I have been able to be very transparent with him and he is always available to give me coaching and advice.

I am better able to take initiative and communicate purpose and vision, while inspiring, coaching and developing others to co-create.

I learnt about wider financial system, how it affects everything we do – how you can draw parallels between what the different Fellows do.

You really created sense of community. I can reflect, support others, feel like I’m not alone.

Renewed awareness of, and confidence in, the power of coaching – greater self-awareness – a clearer perspective on my own strengths, weakness and motivation.

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The leadership retreat had a huge personal impact. Throughout the programme I learned about the power of vulnerability, and was reminded it is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

It was very practical and useful. My mentor was very helpful, and continues to be fantastic! Thank you.

Creating a culture of trust where people feel supported to share issues and pursue collective solutions is no mean feat in a society where people are atomised and taught and disciplined to internalise problems and not ask for help. A big well done to the Finance Innovation Lab team for setting such a positive and timely example of the sort of cultural change we need to see in society.

Greater compassion (both towards myself and towards my partners and future team). Greater confidence in my ability to make my vision a reality.

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