Transforming Engagement in Financial Services

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Tue, 5 Jul
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Join us for our webcast, jointly hosted by the Chartered Banker Institute and the Lab to explore: How can civil society have a greater voice in financial services – and what role can the professions play?

This is a pivotal moment for the future of the UK finance sector. Following Brexit, the rules governing financial policy and regulation are undergoing a fundamental review. With decisions now being made in the UK, this is a unique opportunity to effect change to create a regulatory and legal framework that drives the financial system to good outcomes.

In particular, there is an opportunity to rethink how to encourage greater stakeholder engagement with financial regulation and policy making. As the UK government said in its latest report of the Future Regulatory Framework Review: “any policymaking process risks being deficient if it does not draw sufficiently on the views, experience and expertise of those who may be impacted by regulation”.

The event will be chaired by The Lab’s Head of Policy and Advocacy, Marloes Nicholls. She will be joined by panellists including:

  • Keynote speaker: Victoria Saporta, Bank of England 
  • Fran Boait, Positive Money
  • Dr Alan Brener, Queen Mary University London
  • Martin Coppack, Fair by Design 
  • Natasha de Teran, Financial Services Consumer Panel

This joint webcast aims to raise awareness of the need to support citizens and consumers to have a voice in decision-making, and to generate and build support for ideas to make this happen. This will include discussing the role that professional bodies can play.

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