Developing a purpose-driven banking manifesto & Grow strategy feedback

Zoom (map)

Wed, 11 May
1:00pm – 2.30pm

We’ve been working on developing our overall strategy for growing the purpose-driven banking ecosystem in the UK (the Grow programme), and this session is designed to facilitate comments and feedback.

We’ll also be picking up the proposal to develop a manifesto of changes which will enable the growth of the ecosystem. Initial thoughts and discussion have looked at using this as a mechanism to place purpose-driven banking in the UK as an (informal) alliance, to describe what it stands for, the impact and value it adds and also set out two or three high level asks of legislators and regulators that would result in transformational change in the capacity of the ecosystem to grow.

From the 1-1 ongoing conversations we’ve had to date, and a previous workshop, there is a lot of energy around collaborating, so we’re looking forward to continuing that. 

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