Engaged Tracking: data for climate-friendly investing

Lab Fellowship is back for 2018-19 – and this year’s theme is data! Whilst we hunt for the most exciting new data-driven financial innovations that are putting people and planet first, we’re also looking back at some of the brilliant leaders from our previous Fellowship cohorts that use data for good – and where they are now.

Sam Gill is co-founder of Engaged Tracking, and took part in the first Lab Fellowship programme in 2016. After starting his career at Google, Sam led the Environmental Investment Organisation, a not-for-profit research body that became the first organisation globally to rank the world’s largest listed companies by their greenhouse gas emissions and disclosure. Building on and commercialising this work, in 2014 he set up Engaged Tracking.

Engaged Tracking’s rankings provide a data-driven, transparent and measurable way for investors to track carbon disclosure and performance across their investments. Avoiding common problems of greenwashing or confusion about “sustainable investment”, Engaged Tracking enables investors to know the true carbon credentials of their investments, supporting them to use their money to help the world transition to a low carbon economy.

In 2016, whilst participating in the Fellowship, Engaged Tracking raised over £1.1 million in seed funding. After completion of the Fellowship, Sam said:

‘The Finance Innovation Lab Fellowship was a fantastic programme. I learned new leadership skills, gained new insights from experienced entrepreneurs and peer support from a group of amazing people also trying to shape the financial system for the better. A thoroughly worthwhile experience.’

With the help of Sam’s leadership, Engaged Tracking has continued to grow and expand its work to reduce carbon emissions. Based at Level 39 in Canary Wharf, they introduced a membership package in 2018, offering investors tools including carbon emissions data, bespoke portfolio analytics reports and advisory services.

In partnership with an international asset management firm, they recently launched the “Raymond James Carbon Momentum” strategy, a novel low carbon investment vehicle featuring the 40 European companies who have achieved the greatest emissions reductions. The portfolio has 60% lower carbon emissions than the industry benchmark and has outperformed the market for the past 6 years – demonstrating the financial viability of green investment.

And Engaged Tracking are still growing – next month they will open what they expect to be their final investment round, supporting more investors to make data-driven investment decisions which are good for the planet.

For Lab Fellowship 2018-19, we’re looking for more brilliant innovations like Engaged Tracking that use data to make finance serve people and plant. To find out more, and apply, see www.financeinnovationlab.org/fellowship.