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The Lab community is a network of innovators, intrapreneurs, influencers and practitioners all working towards a financial system that serves people and planet. Together, we collaborate and innovate to generate ideas, scale solutions and change the story on finance.

Community Events

Our community events convene entrepreneurs and other changemakers from across and beyond the financial system to connect, share and explore new ways to make finance more responsible, democratic and fair.

Join us at an upcoming event to gain the latest insights on fintech with purpose, learn from civil society organisations pioneering responsible use of technology, and get to know the Lab community.


Our community of practice is a space for collaboration and learning between practitioners working to change the financial system. At the heart of our community are the Lab Fellows, Fellowship alumni and Senior Fellows: purpose-driven leaders who are pioneering a new financial system. They are joined by innovators and influencers from finance, tech, policy and civil society, working together to create change.

If you support the Lab’s vision of a financial system that serves people and planet and want to help us get there – the Lab community is for you!

There is such a huge amount of trust between us, and we are continuing to support each other and to work together to share contacts and resources. The biggest resource is the collective. We need to grow the collaboration, and I want to give back to the Lab and to future Fellows.

2017 Fellow

How can I get involved?

Community members support each other in a wide range of ways, including matchmaking with relevant contacts from the network, a mutual mentoring programme for learning and development, and ‘community clusters’ – peer-support communities curated around common challenges or areas of interest.

We also offer opportunities for Lab community members to contribute towards the Lab’s wider work. From facilitating or sponsoring a community event, to hosting a community cluster, sharing your expertise through blog writing, or pro-bono support, we welcome community members to get involved in our work and mission.

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How do I sign up?

Members of the Lab community must commit to the Lab community guidelines, which outline our ways of working, our commitment to diversity and the terms of your relationship with the Lab.

Lab Community Guidelines

To apply to join the Lab community, simply fill in the short form below to tell us a bit about you, what you’re interested in, and why you want to be a part of the Lab community.

If you have questions, please contact our Community Manager at:

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