Community Guidelines

V2 – January 2021

The Lab community is a network of systems-changemakers – including innovators, intrapreneurs, influencers and others – who are working together to build a financial system that serves people and planet. This community is the foundational strength of the Lab: the finance system was created by people and we believe that people can change it.

The Lab community is a space for collaboration, peer empowerment and building solutions. It is cross-sector and diverse: we welcome community members from the finance and technology sectors, civil society, policy and regulation, media, academia and more.

The Lab community has one core requirement: that you support the Lab’s vision of a democratic, sustainable, just and resilient financial system and are committed to working towards this. We don’t expect all members to know exactly what their contribution is yet – the Lab community is the place to find out and find others who can make this a reality!

To join the Lab’s community of practice you must agree to these guidelines and fill in this form. If you are interested in the Lab’s work but not sure if this community of practice is for you just yet, we welcome you to be part of our wider community of interest by subscribing to our newsletterfollowing us on Twitter or attending an event.

Vision, values and culture

The Lab’s vision is a financial system that serves people and planet – one that’s democratic, sustainable, just and resilient.

Our core community values are the same as those that we seek to bring about in the financial system. This is based on an understanding that the degree to which you can change the world is related to the degree to which you are willing to change yourself. We ask that all community members commit not only to working towards this vision, but also to practising these principles in their engagement with the Lab and other community members.

By democratic, we mean a culture where every community member’s voice is heard, and the priorities and interests of community members help to shape its structure and programme. By sustainable, we mean a culture that supports the longevity of the community – with community members taking an active role in driving forward the community’s agenda – and is respectful to our environment and the long-term needs of society. By just, we mean a culture that promotes diversity and equality for all. By resilient, we mean a culture that supports those within it, even in the context of uncertain and unpredictable times, and is strong due to the contributions of its members.

Ways of working

To build a culture which is democratic, sustainable, just and resilient, we ask community members to follow three principles which govern our ways of working: ambition, collaboration and empowerment.

Ambition: the community is united by their belief in our transformative vision for finance, and this ambition is central to all community activities. Practising our ambition involves a fundamental commitment to learning – we ask community members to continuously reflect, learn and adapt with us to take us towards our vision.

Collaboration: the community is first and foremost a place for collaboration, where we work together to increase our collective power and impact. We facilitate community members to collaborate with each other to achieve our shared vision and we ask all community members to contribute their skills and knowledge, while also acting with humility, listening and being open to the insights and expertise of others.

Empowerment: the community is a participatory space where everyone can be their full human selves. Community members are all responsible for creating this space, practising peer-empowerment, and for treating each other with love and care. In particular, community members act in solidarity with those marginalised by the financial system.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are central to the Lab’s work and community. Effective systems change relies on a diversity of perspectives and an inclusive approach to interacting with community members and other partners.

Everyone is welcome in the Lab community regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. Acknowledging that particular identities are currently underrepresented and marginalised in the financial system, the Lab community is a space where these voices are heard and elevated, and everyone is included and valued. Discrimination, bullying or harassment of any type is not tolerated.


Membership of the Lab community indicates a commitment to working towards the Lab’s vision and these guidelines. It is not a formal affiliation, and is not equivalent to any sort of endorsement or accreditation from the Lab. Community membership does not grant permission to use the Lab logo.


By signing up to the Lab community, you indicate your support for the Lab’s mission and commit to these guidelines and the ways of working outlined in them.

Any community members found to be engaged in activity contrary to our mission or these guidelines may be asked to leave the Lab community. If you are concerned about any community activities or members please contact

These guidelines

This is version 2 of the Lab Community Guidelines, reviewed and updated in January 2021. The next review is scheduled for January 2022. If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines please contact

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