Stewardship for systems change

In this video, Lab core team member Charlotte Millar talks of the stages, infrastructure and strategies that surround stewardship of The Finance Innovation Lab.

Charlotte was invited to co-host and teach a track at ALIA on ‘Hosting Transformation: The Art of Stewarding Systems Change’ in March this year, along with Tim Merry and Toke Paludan Møller.

ALIA, in the Netherlands is described as;

A place of learning, training, and innovation, where change-makers strengthen their leadership, form new collaborations, and accelerate impact.

They say;

When we are caught in the pressures and complexity of rapid change, linear solutions fall apart. The impulse is to move faster and work harder, but the reality is that we need to step back, think more deeply and broadly, and learn to see and act in new ways.

Charlotte on stages and strategies of stewardship from Tim Merry on Vimeo.