Changing Finance: new this month

A monthly round-up of news, ideas and initiatives related to transforming the UK financial system for people and planet, compiled by the Lab’s CEO Jesse Griffiths.

Climate, climate, climate

Are banks’ 2050 pledges enough? (Short answer: no. They should rule out fossil fuel finance, and aren’t living up to their promises on deforestation including in the Amazon.) Here’s what’s wrong with Standard Bank’s climate policy. Europe’s banks have a long way to go on sustainability. What have climate activists inside big banks learnt? A powerful year for the Climate Safe Lending Network.

Sadly fake news: the Bank of England excludes climate-unfriendly bonds from asset purchases. The US Fed (finally) backs climate goals. How are insurance companies doing? And is your pension funding deforestation? UK universities take dirty money.

These 12 investment projects will blow the world’s carbon budget. All about the EU green taxonomy. Here are the nasty lobbyists trying to stop it.  The links between inequality and climate change. Climate philanthropy mapped and a revealing new history of philanthropy.

Inequality and injustice

Lloyds pay black staff 20% less. The roots of racial injustice in finance run deep. Learn more about decolonising economics (scroll down for newsletter) and decolonising international development. The impact of COVID-19 on financial vulnerability.

Finance is changing

The (rapid) growth of social impact investment. How many cash points are left? Why pursuing shareholder value is wrong.

The UK stock market is owned overseas. The economy is tanking, wage inequality is soaring, but wealth is up. Here’s what purpose-driven banking really looks like.


The LCF scandal – Bailey under fire and it’s not over yet. Barclays mistreats struggling borrowers, and is fined. Mastercard overcharges 46 million. Time for pension transparency.

What’s next in the fight against dirty money? Ethical leadership helps – surprise! – to prevent corruption.


The true impact of fintech. Will the government crack down on big tech? Will the EU? The risks of a tech crash. Big tech’s plan to take on the banks will end in tears. Digitalisation and inequality.

And Finally

Are you a robot? Green growth vs degrowth. Monopoly’s anti-capitalist roots. The most amazing bird you will ever hear.

And here’s to a better 2021!

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