Changing Finance: new this month – June

A monthly round-up of news, ideas and initiatives related to transforming the UK financial system for people and planet, compiled by the Lab’s CEO Jesse Griffiths.

The climate and nature crises

New research on the massive future economic cost of not dealing with the climate crisis.

Here are four priorities for financial stability in an age of climate change.

Major new report released on the role of green finance in reaching net zero.

Central bankers grapple with climate risk – here’s a useful summary of recent discussions.

How the world’s 50 largest banks and investors are driving deforestation of tropical rainforests. HSBC’s dirtiest deals will emit more pollution than Brazil or Canada.

Climate activists target Barclays, this time through dance.

The Bank of England estimates that the financial assets it owns are in line with a 3 degree rise in global temperatures.

Do green finance indicators reflect the science?

The good….

Is there a digital bank that’s also ethical and mutual? There is in Australia now. Could the Fintech revolution become a force for good?

Introducing the Community Wealth Fund Alliance.

How does the new UK infrastructure bank compare to those elsewhere?

The case for a central bank digital currency.

Subprime lenders are battling for survival, high-cost credit is shrinking, but who will fill the gaps?

How to change narratives to grow ethical, purpose-driven finance: new research.

The bad….

Here are the nine big banks supporting the Myanmar dictatorship.

Mediocre men still preferred over women in finance, black women particularly held back – new research on impacts of sexism and cronyism.

Tech giants try to water down ESG disclosure rules.

…. And the economy

In-work poverty levels have hit a record high – new research.

Could digital currencies threaten the economy? The Bank of England thinks so.

Thinking of travelling abroad? You won’t be able to get full insurance, warns Which?.

And finally…

What is the state of global civil society? Here’s a fascinating interactive map of climate science denial lobbyists. All you need to know about SDRs.