Are You Ready?

In July 2015 the Finance Innovation Lab launched as an independent organisation.

Over the last year we’ve launched our first Fellowship programme, hosted the 2016 Transforming Finance conference, changed the debate on financial innovation, and debated hot topics from financial inclusion to Brexit at our monthly socials.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Lab’s strength is our community. Our mission to transform the financial system is only possible with the support of innovators, civil society leaders, intrapreneurs and supporters like you. The finance system was created by people, and we firmly believe that people can change it.

To celebrate our first anniversary as an independent organisation, we’ve put together a 4-minute video to explain who we are and our work. Please share this video with your networks and help us grow our community of change makers building a finance system that serves people and planet.

If you would like to support the Lab in other ways, please visit our Support Us page or get in touch.