Announcement – Lab receives £250,000 funding for ‘Systems Change Infrastructure’

We are pleased to announce that Friends Provident Foundation and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) have made grants to The Finance Innovation Lab of a combined total of over £250,000.

These commitments to help fund the establishment of The Finance Lab as an independent structure indicates that there may be a growing community of funders committed to tackling the issues at the root of our ecological, social and economic challenges. The Lab was initiated in 2008 by WWF-UK and ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales).

The Finance Innovation Lab is empowering positive disruptors in the financial system, by connecting people who are changing the financial system, developing them as leaders and helping them scale their work. The Lab’s work is enabling a financial system that is democratic, fair and responsible.

This forward looking three year funding is important because it:

  • provides flexible financial and wider support for building the ‘systems infrastructure for long-term systems change;
  • demonstrates a shared interest in developing a healthier value set and culture that underpins our financial systems;
  • supports the need to invest in core costs, capacity building, innovation and convening communities.

Building this ‘long term change infrastructure’ comes at a critical time when more radical and disruptive social change is urgently needed. We are encouraged that two Foundations are backing this project and hope that others might follow in supporting this important work that is creating positive impact for people and planet.

Danielle Walker Palmour of Friends Provident said “Trustees were delighted to support the next phase of the development of The Finance Innovation Lab. Together, we hope to continue to build a consensus around the contribution that civil society can make to ensuring the financial underpinnings of our economy are more resilient to shocks and responsive to society’s needs.”

Maureen Grant from JRCT said “JRCT’s Trustees were impressed with the Finance Lab’s positive and radical approach to promoting real change in the finance system. They are keen to be supporting the creation of a new culture and values that are democratic, fair and responsible”.

Jen Morgan from Finance Innovation Lab said “We are thrilled to be working with Friends Provident Foundation and JRCT over the next 3 years. They are two pioneering organisations that really understand effective ways to tackle the root issues of our time. And that is, by supporting the systems change infrastructure that is needed to grow communities, capacity and solutions for transformational change”.

For further information please contact:

The Finance Innovation Lab – Jen Morgan

Friends Provident – Danielle Walker Palmour

JRCT – Maureen Grant

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