All Street – Wall Street Without Walls

Emma Vartolomei, one of our Fellows, is an independent thinker who likes to create, debate and develop ideas in general and financial innovation in particular. She is the founder of All Street, the Wall Street Without Walls and currently leads the initiative. A free spirit with strong ethical values, she believes that the power of shared knowledge will transform the alternative finance space.

Call for action

All Street, the Wall Street Without Walls is here! All Street provides global access to global alternative finance knowledge through an open source web platform. The financial industry is undergoing a fundamental reconfiguration, moving away from the current model of vertically- integrated monoliths towards an ecosystem of firms.

Their mission is to bridge this transition: the social implications of creating an alternative to the current financial system are significant. They love the transparency that the web can bring to the new, yet to be defined, finance world. An Open Finance Movement will be game-changing and that’s why All Street needs your help to test their model.

They have been working to develop the concept and the web platform prototype during last year and now want to share their plans, talk about our business model and ask for your feedback. Drop them a line at if you can spare 30 minutes of your time via skype or meeting in person for a chat.