A finance system fit for sustainability – RESPONDER project

I spent a couple of days at a recent conference in Brussels organised by the RESPONDER project, which is linking together policymakers and researchers on sustainable economic growth. The Finance Lab, in collaboration with University of Surrey and Professor Tim Jackson, is one of the project partners.

My presentation, which can be viewed here,  looked at why changes to the finance system are a necessary pre-condition of delivering a sustainable economy. The central point was that whilst traditional green economic policy tries to steer savings and investment into a small sub-section of the real economy such as renewable energy, far greater capital flows go into property lending and pure finacial speculation. If we can steer even a small proportion of those capital flows into sustainable investment, then change could be more rapid.

The Finance Lab held a workshop on The Role of Household Finance in a Sustainable Economy earlier in 2012. Vidoes and presentations from that event can be downloaded from the RESPONDER website, and more will be available soon. Another workshop will also be held in the middle of 2013 in Brussels.