Transforming Finance: A Charter for a New Financial System

Since the crisis of 2008, the failure of our financial system to deliver benefits for society, the economy or the environment has been a perennial feature of mainstream political debate. But restating the problem is not enough. Unless we begin to articulate a positive vision of how we want a future financial system to operate, the vacuum will continue to be filled by vested interests defending the status quo.

Transforming Finance: A Charter for a New Financial System represents the voice of a growing consensus from inside and outside the financial system on the need for profound systemic change.   The Finance Innovation Lab, along with founding signatories, New Economics Foundation, Share Action, Positive Money, Move Your Money and Friends of the Earth have made a first step toward outlining such a vision.  Read how Share Action has been excited and inspired by the Transforming Finance movement that is building momentum for financial systems change.

The Charter for a New Financial System is a statement of why, where and how the financial system must be transformed.   It sets out concrete proposals for transforming our financial system so that it delivers for society, the environment and economy as a whole.

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