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Finance is changing – fast.

Rapid transformation is underway as it becomes easier to collect, combine and interpret our data. With this come risks around consent, control, bias and exploitation – but also opportunities to put people back in control of finance.

In 2018 and 2019, the Finance Innovation Lab will find and incubate the best ideas for making data-driven finance work for people and planet.

Ideation Events

Our ideation events convene experts and entrepreneurs in finance, tech, policy and civil society to explore new ways to make finance more responsible, democratic and fair.

Join us to generate and test new ideas about how we can harness the power of data in finance to tackle our most pressing social and environmental needs.


Lab Fellowship is a unique incubation programme for innovators building a financial system that works for people and planet.

In 2018 and 2019, we’re working with 16 innovators pioneering the responsible use of data in finance. Over nine months from January to September 2019, we’ll support Fellows to test and refine their ideas, build purpose-driven business strategies, develop their leadership capabilities, and grow a network of contacts to support them on the next stage of their journey.

For me the Fellowship has been a game-changer. It’s had a huge impact on the way I work, and how I feel about what I’m doing. It was so timely for me to take part, and has been hugely beneficial.”

2017 Fellow

It was really important for me to become self-aware about the values that my business is being built upon. The sessions on purpose and culture gave me the the tools to build the business I want.

2017 Fellow

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Previous Fellowships

Read about the impact of our 2017 Fellowship

Fellowship 2017 has been an outstanding success. There is an abundance of evidence that it has met its stated outcomes of embedding social purpose into the design of new innovations in this field.

Damon Gibbons, External evaluator


Our community is growing! Join us to gain the latest insights on fintech with purpose, be inspired by and collaborate with pioneering innovators, make connections with influentials working across finance and social innovation – and help to build a financial system that serves people and planet.

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There is such a huge amount of trust between us, and we are continuing to support each other and to work together to share contacts and resources. The biggest resource is the collective. We need to grow the collaboration, and I want to give back to the Lab and to future Fellows.

2017 Fellow

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We work with partners to help us deliver the best possible experience for our Fellows - from coaching new start-ups and teaching our programmes, to building our new Fellowship Fund that will ensure our incubation support is accessible to everyone.

For more information or to discuss how you can get involved, please contact:

Marloes Nicholls
Head of Programmes

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