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The Lab is building a new future, both for itself and for the wider movement of financial systems change as we scale our work for greater impact.
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A Strategy for Systems Change
A Strategy for Systems Change brings together the lessons of seven years of building the Finance Innovation Lab. It’s designed to tell the story of the Lab in a way that allows you to draw from the knowledge, insights and experience we gained.
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Our Impact
Empowering positive disrupters in the financial system
for people and planet
The Finance Innovation Lab is an accelerator for positive change in the financial system.
Our Strategy

A Systemic Approach


Alternative business models

We support entrepreneurs creating alternative business models in finance.



A financial reform

We work with civil society leaders calling for change



Mainstream finance

We help ‘intrapreneurs’ who are repurposing their professions


Who we work with

Campaign Lab: Empowering Campaigners for Systems Change

Economic, environmental and social justice campaigners share their experience of our 6-month training programme - Campaign Lab.

"If you could get everybody who works in campaigns to do Campaign Lab you would change UK campaigning overnight, you would definitely change it"
Helen De Vane - Christian Aid

Our work at The Finance Innovation Lab is to empower positive disrupters in finance. One of the key ways we do that is to bring together campaigners who are pushing for structural change to the economy. They come from a wide range of organisations such trade unions, faith groups, NGOs and grassroots movements. Watch the video to hear how participating in Campaign Lab has impacted them personally, their organisations and their campaigns. We really want their stories told so please share the film across your network.

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